Barcamart is a platform for selling products that originate from the whole European region. We are committed to delivering maximum satisfaction according to your expectations. The focus of our project revolves around providing excellent service.

You can order a wide variety of European products, ranging from food to cosmetics, all within our platform, and we work towards facilitating your purchasing experience and make it accessible for everyone. Due to our hard working delivery and distribution team that monitor your packages all the way to Bangladesh, we ensure fast and safe delivery to your doorstep. Having experience in the area of distributions and delivery in Barcelona, we hope to apply that to provide the same positive experience we provide in Barcelona to you in Bangladesh.


We want to be the unique provider for products from Europe in Bangladesh.


  • We will become a reliable source for authentic importation in Bangladesh.
  • We will set an example and become the gold standard for punctual delivery and service.
  • We will always ensure that the quality of your product is maintained intact.
  • We will maintain a teamwork oriented environment in our workplace.
  • Finally and most importantly, we will work at all times to make sure you, our customer, are always satisfied.


Message from CEO

Mr.Habib Hirji
CEO-Barcamart Limited
Welcome to barcamart Limited

Our aim is to make you happier and bring to you a piece of the western world, with its smells and flavors. You will not have to defer to lower quality, off-brand products, have to buy them at extortionate prices at stores in Bangladesh or have to wait for the holidays to buy your favorite products and bring them back. In “Barcamart” you can find all the brands and products that you could want on your day to day, letting you buy them for yourself as well as for friends and family eagerly waiting for the brand products we offer you from the west.

You can continue taking care of your relatives from here without having to bother to prepare those cumbersome and bulky packages to send by courier and you never know how and when they will reach their destination, you just select your products then we will send them and from your shop ‘Barcamart’ We will send it to you quickly, without a doubt it is the best gift you can give them and they will surely thank you.

Lastly I want to say in one line that ‘Barcamart’ is your shop to get products from Europe.


Message from Managing Director:

Mr. Maharul Islam
Managing Director-Barcamart Limited
Welcome to Barcamart Limited

“Barcamart” are here to provide you with product that you could need anywhere in both your personal and professional life.

Starting our journey in June 2020, we have always seen opportunities in the current market in Bangladesh, and we decided to focus on our specialty, delivery and distribution of products from here in Europe to customers in Bangladesh. We want to not only cover the Dhaka section of Bangladesh, but also provide our services to every other region, delivering to a total of 65 districts in the country.

We will not start off by saying we are the best, but we are confident in our work ethic, our potential, and our goal is at all times to satisfy the customer. We can 100% ensure the authenticity of our European products, which originate primarily from Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Portugal, but we offer products from all over Europe.